Agenzia Alfa n. 6

Series: Agenzia Alfa

N°: 6

Frequency: semestral

Agenzia Alfa n. 6

Barcode: 977112556000700006

Release: 01/07/2000




Subject and script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Fabio Jacomelli
Il tradimento
Subject and script: Angelica Tintori
Artwork: Andrea Bormida
L'astronave fantasma
Subject and script: Giovanni Mattioli
Artwork: Massimiliano Bertolini
Il volto del nemico
Subject and script: Antonio Serra
Artwork: Andrea Bormida

Four stories that range over a broad spectrum of narrative genres: horror-fiction (with the first “solo” mission of amiable Agent Al Goodman, who comes face to face with a monstrous creature concealed inside a laboratory); a heart-rending love story (with the final show-down between May Frayn and her boyfriend Raul); a space-opera (with Nathan exploring a mysterious space-ship from the mists of the remote past), and pure cliff-hanging adventure (with the three “newcomers”, namely the winsome and bold women aviators of the Alfa Storm Troops, caught up in a petrifying aerial combat).