Agenzia Alfa n. 4

Series: Agenzia Alfa

N°: 4

Frequency: semestral

Agenzia Alfa n. 4

Barcode: 977112556000790004

Release: 01/06/1999




Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Ernestino Michelazzo
Un omicidio per Andy Havilland
Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Francesco Bastianoni
Il tesoro dei templari
Subject and script: Gabriella Cordone e Alberto Lisiero
Artwork: Paolo Di Clemente

Three stories dedicated to three different aspects of adventure. In the first one, agent May Frayn, hired by MOA director Sam Gheller, has to recover Bruegel’s painting “The Flemish proverbs”; in the second one, Andy Havilland is caught up in a complicated murder case, and is tormented by the ghost of the victim, the captivating Foxy Bon Bon; finally, Nathan succeeds, thanks to the psychic Kathy, in unraveling the mystery of a precious treasure hidden in an ancient monastery haunted by ghosts.