Super Book n° 56

Series: Serie Super Book

N°: 56

Super Book n° 56

Introduction: A painful journey in memory and an ever-increasingly frosted world...

Barcode: 977203567700720056

Release: 20/04/2012

Price: 6,90





La scelta
Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto

There’s not many people ready to believe that Death can be a teacher of life. But for Dylan Dog, forced to a difficult choice to save Groucho’s life, that’s just the truth. The tireless Reaper shows him the sense in choosing, the thousand of unforeseeable turns that a life, and all the lives that are intertwined with it, can take when we decide to act in a way instead that in another. It’s the beginning of a painful journey along memory lane, a ruthless reckoning that will take Dylan to look inside himself and the flux of time. To find out “what if”…

Febbre di ghiaccio
Plot and script: Bruno Enna
Artwork: Antonio De Luca

What’s happening to the world today? Can Dylan be the only one to realize that everything around him is freezing? Not only things and people, but also the feelings and relationships between human beings seem to be frosted in an eternal present. Everything except the dweller of Craven Road who, instead, is burning with a strange fever.