Almanacco della Fantascienza 2012

Series: Almanacco Della Fantascienza

N°: 20

Almanacco della Fantascienza 2012

Introduction: A deadly clash in the Asteroid belt!

Barcode: 977112262631720116

Release: 24/07/2012

Price: 8,50





La legge dei raminghi

Plot and script: Mirko Perniola
Artwork: Mario Rossi
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

In the Asteroid Belt, the Roamers’ families have the dangerous job of extracting valuable resources from the rocks floating in space. A mysterious attack originates a clash between Roamers and Earthlings – only Nathan Never could find out who’s interested in destabilizing that forgotten corner of space. This year’s Almanacco also features 82 pages of full-color articles about the Planet of the Apes, Georges Méliès and cyborg, replicants and other post-human creatures, besides the usual overview of Sci-Fi books, movies, TV series and videogames of the year!