Almanacco della Fantascienza 2002

Series: Almanacco Della Fantascienza

N°: 10

Almanacco della Fantascienza 2002

Introduction: Nathan Never in a brand-new 94-page story: "Trappola al 30° piano". Everything about the books, movies and CD-Roms of the year. Dossier: The impossible planets. The sci-fi pioneers of Cinecittà. The lost worlds of Conan Doyle. Dan Dare, the man of the stars. 176 pages of Future, Fantasy and Hi-Tech!

Barcode: 977112262600320056

Release: 01/08/2002





Trappola al 30° piano
Plot and script: Bepi Vigna
Artwork: Dante Bastianoni
Cover: Claudio Villa

Even an Alfa Special Agent sometimes has to get busy with his household chores; but when Hadija asks Nathan to pick up a dress for her from a classy dressmaker’s at the top floors of Tyler Tower, none could think that his quiet day can turn into a nightmare. Attacked by a small gang of criminals, the building becomes a deadly trap. Nathan will need all of his experience to save the hostages …