Almanacco della Fantascienza 1997

Series: Almanacco Della Fantascienza

N°: 5

Almanacco della Fantascienza 1997

Introduction: An amazing complete 94-page comic strip story: "La stagione dei dischi volanti". Science fiction year: everything about the books, movies, TV and videos. The mysterious Doctor Who. S.O.S. the monsters are coming! Philip K. Dick, the creator of androids. Buck Rogers and the other space pioneers. 176 pages of Future, Fantasy and Hi-Tech!

Barcode: 977112262600370026

Release: 01/08/1997





La stagione dei dischi volanti
Plot and script: Bepi Vigna
Artwork: Andrea Mutti
Cover: Claudio Villa

Another story devoted to the Alfa Agent’s past. Nathan recalls his adolescence at Gadalas as one of the happiest periods of his life: in particular, the summer he spent with his friends Peter, Becky Wells and Khaty Teller, when he had his first experience of love and also, having spotted an UFO, the first stirrings of the desire to travel in space… a summer he was later to recall as “the season of flying saucers”. There are also plenty of article on the cult telefilm “Doctor Who”, on 1950s-style aliens, on Philip K. dick and the precursors of Nathan.