Almanacco della Fantascienza 1995

Series: Almanacco Della Fantascienza

N°: 3

Almanacco della Fantascienza 1995

Introduction: Nathan Never in a complete 94-page comic strip story: "Storie di un futuro passato". Science fiction year: everything about the books, movies, TV and videos. The incredible television universe of "Ufo", "Spazio 1999" and "Thunderbirds". The end of the world: the thousand faces of the Apocalypse. The journeys of the Eternaut. 176 pages of Future, Fantasy and Hi-Tech!

Barcode: 977112262600350014

Release: 01/08/1995





Storie di un futuro passato
Plot and Script: Bepi Vigna
Artwork: Andrea Artusi, Onofrio Catacchio, Ernestino Michelazzo
Cover: Claudio Villa

A journey into remembrance in the story told in this third Science Fiction Almanac. Thanks to the Hyakumono sect, a young Nathan learns the fate of three Never generations: his great-great-grandfather Joseph, who tried to avert an colossal catastrophe; his grandfather Frank, a pioneer of space colonisation; his parents Alex and Rose Lagrange, who both died in the Gadalas fire. Also, articles on the Argentinian masterpiece of comics, namely the Eternaut, and on the end of the world as well as a dossier on ‘Science Fiction Universes’ by the Anderson couple.