Almanacco del Giallo 2004

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 12

Almanacco del Giallo 2004

Introduction: Nick Raider in a previously unpublished 94 pages story: "Morte di un poliziotto". Everything on books, movies, videos and cd-roms of the year. Dossier: When gangs ruled New York. Vittorio Giardino, from Sam Pezzo to Max Fridman. Jean-Claude Izzo and the tough guys of Marseilles. Carlo Jacono, under the sign of murder. 176 pages of Action, Investigations, Suspense!

Barcode: 977112262600340067

Release: 22/05/2004

Price: 8,50





Morte di un poliziotto

Plot and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Renato Polese
Cover: Corrado Mastantuono

A borderline world, of petty crime and small-time crooks, but it’s no less ruthless… this is the world that costs Officer Keller his life when he’s drawn to a Lower East Side tenement building, on a pretext, by young Alina Rink. But Alina herself dies in the trap in which she was the bait and Boris Vogel, her boyfriend, has disappeared. Was he the one who killed Keller and then Alina as well? Maybe, but this doesn’t seem to be a very convincing story: he really loved his young partner and he trusted the police officer, who had often helped him in the past. Nick and Marvin are too smart to follow the most obvious trail, and as things turn out, the facts show they’re right. Behind those murders there’s a history of blackmail and criminal goings-on, in which the law and lawfulness aren’t always on the same side…