Almanacco del Giallo 1995

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 3

Almanacco del Giallo 1995

Introduction: Nick Raider in a complete 94-page story: "Gli incendiari". Murder story year: everything about the books, movies and videos. Dossier: The mysteries of the closed room. Giorgio Scerbanenco: hard boiled, Milanese style. Rip Kirby: the elegance of murder. 176 pages of action, investigation and suspense!

Barcode: 977112262600350013

Release: 01/06/1995





Gli incendiari
Plot and script: Alfredo Nogara
Artwork: José Eduardo Caramuta
Cover: Bruno Ramella

Lazlo Beneke, an undersized psychopathic killer with a mania for flame-throwing, manages to break out of the jail where he was being held. As soon as he’s out, he starts getting rid of all those who contributed to his break-out, from the prison warders to the head of the organization that provided him with assistance. Beneke’s targets also include Violet, who’d written an article about him in very disparaging tones. To save the girl, Nick has to seek help from Alfie, who can finally get his teeth into someone of his own stature…