Almanacco del Giallo 1994

Series: Almanacco Del Giallo

N°: 2

Almanacco del Giallo 1994

Introduction: Nick Raider in a complete 94-page story: "Mercanti di morte". Murder story year: everything about thrillers in book, movie, TV, and video format. Dossier on American noir movies. Lady killers: armed and lethal. Spirit: the shadow of justice. Meeting with Quentin Tarantino. 176 di pages of crime, investigation and suspense!

Barcode: 977112262600340007

Release: 01/05/1994





Mercanti di morte
Plot and script: Gino D’Antonio
Artwork: Ferdinando Tacconi
Cover: Bruno Ramella

During a shoot-out at the docks, Nick Raider kills Manuel, the brother of Paco Cardonas, a well-known trafficker wanted by the police world-wide. In the course of this operation, Nick is knocked unconscious, but not killed: that’s a task for Cardonas himself to carry out. So the officer is carried to the trafficker’s secret hideout, in the middle of the Columbian jungle. Here the gangster, determined to get his revenge on the person who killed his brother, organizes a man-hunt. The prey, of course, is Nick!