La donna che visse in due mondi

Series: Storie da Altrove

N°: 5

La donna che visse in due mondi

Introduction: From the secret archives of Altrove, the chronicle of the last case solved by the great Sherlock Holmes!

Barcode: 977112157991120019

Release: 25/10/2002





Plot and script: Carlo Recagno
Artwork: Cesare Colombi and Dante Spada
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

The story begins in 1910, with the arrival of a high-ranking guest at the mysterious government base of Altrove: his name is John Watson, and he’s come to hear the story of the last mission undertaken on behalf of Altrove by his friend Sherlock Holmes. Meanwhile, there’s a craft making its way towards the base, and on board there’s a sinister masked passenger, who can perhaps supply the answers to Watson’s questions…