Colui che dimora nelle tenebre

Series: Storie da Altrove

N°: 1

Colui che dimora nelle tenebre

Barcode: 977112157991180015

Release: 01/10/1998





Subject and script: Alfredo Castelli/Vincenzo Beretta
Artwork: Dante Spada
With the collaboration of: Claudio Piccoli
Cover Design: Giancarlo Alessandrini

United States, 1776. Benjamin Franklin, his old friend Jean Louis Bientot, Amanda, a girl with supernatural powers, and the future president Thomas Jefferson, find themselves allied in a battle against a very powerful demon, who threatens to enslave all humanity under his power. A vicious struggle that ends up with the establishment of a secret base to study paranormal phenomena. A base which will be called Elsewhere!