Cadavere in trasferta

Series: Julia

N°: 174

Frequency: monthly

Cadavere in trasferta

Introduction: Following backwards the tracks of a dead body, a charming Italian police deputy superintendent arrives in Garden City!

Barcode: 977112717700530174

Release: 01/03/2013





Plot: Giancarlo Berardi
Script: Giancarlo Berardi and Lorenzo Calza
Artwork: Valerio Piccioni
Cover: Cristiano Spadoni

After seizing a consignment of drugs in Genoa’s port, the police is confronted with a gruesome discovery: a box with a corpse in it! Deputy Superintendent Ettore Cambiaso is entrusted with the task to retrace the journey of the ship and its cargo. The tracks will lead him to Garden City where, while co-operating with the local police force, he will meet Julia. The charming Italian police officer and our criminologist will begin a dangerous investigation, that will bring them to work side by side, discovering how far-reaching the tentacles of organized crime can be...