Almanacco del West 2011

Series: Almanacco Del West

N°: 18

Almanacco del West 2011

Introduction: A harsh medicine of hot lead for a lawless town...

Barcode: 977112262634810107

Release: 22/01/2011

Price: 8,50





La città del Male

Plot and script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Giacomo Danubio
Cover: Claudio Villa

After the vicious murder of a Navajo boy, Tex and his pards decide to personally deliver to the county judge Frank Mason, the arrogant “big man” in Waco, an illegal town at the border of the Reservation. The road to Gallup, though, is filled with dangers and ambushes. Tex begins to believe that Evil, in Waco, must be fully eradicated... This year’s Almanacco also features full-color files about the Mexican Revolution, told in the "Tortilla Western", Wild Bill Hickok’s true story and the Frontier humour artists, as well as the usual overlook on Wild West-themed books, movies, videogames and TV series of the year.