Almanacco del West 2003

Series: Almanacco Del West

N°: 10

Almanacco del West 2003

Introduction: Tex in a 102 pages story: "Eroe per caso". Everything on books, movies, videos and cd-roms of the year. Dossier: A lone rider named Gary Cooper. Buffalo Soldiers, when black people put the uniform on. The endless legend of Pecos Bill. 176 pages along the savage trails of the West!

Barcode: 977112262600330059

Release: 23/01/2003





Eroe per caso

Plot and script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Stefano Andreucci
Cover: Claudio Villa

With his gun, Dan Reynolds is quick as lightning. It’s a shame, though, that his skills are limited to are just a bit of a put-on, and that he really isn’t able to kill anybody… And even more, when he tries to pass for a giant-killer to pocket the reward put on Blue Diamond, a ruthless killer who has actually been killed by Tex...