Almanacco del West 1998

Series: Almanacco Del West

N°: 5

Almanacco del West 1998

Introduction: Tex in a complete 94-page comic strip: "Glorieta Pass". Everything about the books, movies and videos of the year.. Guide to the Eurowestern. Howard Hawks: a cowboy out to conquer Hollywood. The Agenzia Pinkerton. The heroes of Zane Grey. Kinowa, Kerry the trapper, Magico Vento: the dark side of the Frontier. 176 pages along the wild trails of the West!

Barcode: 977112262600380029

Release: 01/02/1998





Glorieta Pass
Plot and Script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Alarico Gattia
Pencils: Maurizio Dotti
Cover: Claudio Villa

After the feature articles on the movies, videos and books of the year, this fifth Almanac of the West offers an article on the movie director Howard Hawks, one on the writer Zane Grey and one on the exploits of the famous Agenzia Pinkerton. In the comic strip story, the four pards are gathered round a night-time campfire at the entrance to Apache Canyon, near the ruins of Johnson Ranch where the epic battle of Glorieta Pass took place. The discovery of a silver saber hilt with the name of Beau Danville engraved on it reminds Tex of an episode that happened in 1862, during the War of Secession, when he was a scout in the Yankee troops together with “Damned” Dick and when, also, he smashed a gang of gun-runners who were illegally supplying arms to the Indians – for in the latter operation he was working side by side with a valiant Confederate lieutenant called Beau Danville!