Almanacco del West 1994

Series: Almanacco Del West

N°: 1

Almanacco del West 1994

Introduction: Tex in a complete 94-page comic strip: "La ballata di Zeke Colter". The year of the Western: everything about the books, movies and videos . Spaghetti-Western dossier: the secrets of the Italian West. The Apaches. The Kit Carson of comic strips. 176 pages of Indians, Horses and Frontier!

Barcode: 006100100006100005

Release: 01/01/1994




La ballata di Zeke Colter
Plot and Script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork: Renzo Calegari
Pencils: Stefano Biglia and Luigi Copello
Cover: Claudio Villa

The Almanac opens with two survey articles giving an overview of the movies, videos and books on a Western theme that have come out over the last twelve months, and then continues with articles and dossiers devoted to the Apaches, the Kit Carson of comic strips, spaghetti westerns and Renzo Calegari, the illustrator of the previously unpublished Tex episode contained in this almanac. “La ballata di Zeke Colter” opens in the snowy environment of the Rocky Mountains: while Carson is waiting in Rock Spring, Tex meets an old friend: a beaver hunter he met twenty years ago. It’s Zeke Hunter, who opted to stay in the wilds together with his aging Indian wife Anitra Zoppa. The trapper is threatened by a band of villains who are convinced he’s discovered a rich vein of gold, and the Ranger has absolutely no hesitation in siding with the old trapper… What also makes this Almanac really special is the free gift enclosed with it: a 64-page book with biographical notes on all the Bonellian authors!