Guerra civile - Orfani Sam 10 cover

Series: Orfani: Sam

N°: 10

Frequency: monthly

Guerra civile

Introduction: It's the dawn of the final battle. All have taken their place. Hope is thin, but not absent.

Barcode: 977228330204180052

Release: 14/04/2018

Price: 4,90

Plot: Recchioni Roberto, Monteleone Michele

Script: Recchioni Roberto, Monteleone Michele

Artwork: Formisano Luigi, Des Dorides Fabrizio, Bruno Pietrantonio, Spalletta Giorgio, Maresca Luca, Maconi Gianluca

Colors: Adele Matera, Stefania Aquaro, Giovanna Niro

Cover: Di Giandomenico Carmine, colors by Giovanna Niro

It's the dawn of the final battle, all the characters have taken their place on the New World chessboard. A last, thin hope is burning in the chest of the moon resistance fighters, who, after losing their home, are ready to go all-in against Juric and her unlikely new allies: Ringo, the killer, and former-Governor Garland.