Gli ultimi cavalieri

Series: Orfani: Sam

N°: 9

Frequency: monthly

Gli ultimi cavalieri

Introduction: Will Sam be able to continue hiding the children's location against Juric's double attack?

Barcode: 977228330204180051

Release: 16/03/2018

Price: 4,90

Plot: Recchioni Roberto, Monteleone Michele

Script: Recchioni Roberto, Monteleone Michele

Artwork: Bruno Pietrantonio, Di Meo Simone, Pompeo Andrea

Colors: Andres Mossa

Cover: Di Giandomenico Carmine, colors by Giovanna Niro

Juric launches her double attack, trying to stifle the revolution. On one side, her fleet led by General Petrov starts bombing the lunar base; on the other, the President herself tries to crush Sam in her mind, to grasp at the children's location. It's time for new alliances, heroics, and a puzzling finale.