Speranze di ghiaccio - Odessa 03 cover

Series: Odessa

N°: 3

Frequency: monthly

Speranze di ghiaccio

Introduction: Hope dies last, that’s true. But it also kills first.

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977261231504990003

Release: 26/07/2019

Price: 5,90

Plot: Davide Rigamonti

Script: Davide Rigamonti

Artwork: Lucia Arduini

Colors: Daria Cerchi

Cover: Mariano De Biase

The warmth of a romantic wait changes into an instant that’s stuck in time. While Yakiv and co. are trying to give a future to the Nertekks, an endangered alien species, someone is killing people inside the ice tunnels of Sector 213.