September/october 2016

September and October will be a time for celebration: it's Dylan Dog 30th birthday and we will honor it with some spine-chilling initiatives!


Settembre/ottobre 2016

Dear friends,

The last glimpses of summer are fading to darkness, the color of fear par excellence, black as the jacket of our now 30-year old Dylan Dog! That's right: on September 26, the Nightmare Investigator celebrates his 30th birthday, reaching an important goal line that makes him one of the most long-lived and successful characters of our Publishing House, as well as of the Italian world of comics. While details for the celebration on the anniversary day are being finalized in these days (please, follow our website if you want to know what we have in store for you!), our publishing plan is already set.

During the 30th anniversary, you'll find at your newsstands the album n.361, with the long-awaited episode “Mater dolorosa”: an hallucinating voyage across Dylan Dog's remote past and present – written by Roberto Recchioni, with art and color by Gigi Cavenago – where the limelight will be taken by Xabaras, Morgana, the Galleon, the former Inspector Bloch, Groucho, Moonlight, the living dead and Mater Morbi…

The album is preceded by the disquieting 30th Speciale Dylan Dog – the second adventure in the setting of the Planet of the Dead, a future London where a weary, disappointed and aged Dylan is forced to tackle with the dire consequences of an epidemics of living dead. The following album of the monthly series, n.362, will be a special-event issue with Tiziano Sclavi's comeback to scriptwriting! “Dopo un lungo silenzio” ("After a long silence") is the title of the story conceived by Dylan Dog's extraordinary "dad"— a tale with a tinge of intimist melancholy and the virtuoso art of Giampiero Casertano. The story will also be available in an exclusive version to be sold at bookstores and comic-book stores: you'll be able to find all the details about it in the next week, by visiting our website.

Also, in the next two months, you don't want to miss the new special issues of Tex (the fourth hard-cover “album”, “Sfida nel Montana” – written by Gianfranco Manfredi with art by Giulio De Vita – and the 20th Maxi); the second Dragonero Magazine (with a story in several episodes and many dossiers, in full color!); Nathan Never's special albums – with the final chapters of the Annozero miniseries, the 38th Agenzia Alfa and n.304 of the monthly series, by the classic duo Michele Medda/Germano Bonazzi and in an unusual “technicolor” version –; the 19th Storie da Altrove; the 12th Speciale Dampyr; and a graphic novel starring Greystorm, the brilliantly wicked anti-hero by Antonio Serra and Gianmauro Cozzi.

We opened our preview with the Nightmare Investigator and now we are about to end it again with some "Dylanian" news. First, we'd like to mention the 28th Maxi Dylan Dog. But all the lights of our “Sclavi detector” seem to go haywire when we get close to “Zenith 666”: the 666th album of the Zagor series – in full color! – has been created by two of Dylan Dog's classic authors (Luigi Mignacco & Luigi Piccatto), and is also a follow-up on plots and characters conceived by "Tiz" Sclavi himself, at the time when he was writing for the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet as well. This issue will be particularly unique thanks to a historical debut: Zagor's new cover artist, Alessandro Piccinelli, who will carry on the important legacy of Gallieno Ferri, the Maestro!

Have a nice read!