Journal of Sergio Bonelli

September-October 2015

In the next two months we’ll have many special issues you don’t want to miss, but there will be three brightest stars: Tex, Mister No and a new, very mysterious hero – Morgan Lost!


September-October 2015

Dear friends,
after a Summer in full color, now it’s clear that we enjoyed that theme: in Fall also, you won’t lack the chance to savor albums starring our heroes "in technicolor". In chronological order, in late September a beloved and unforgettable Bonellian anti-hero will take centerstage again at your newsstands. We are talking abut Mister No, and a very special issue to be found on the pages of Avventura Magazine. The volume, with its (full-color!) 288 pages, will trace back Jerry Drake’s history: from his first steps on the streets of NYC to the events he experienced during World War II; from his wandering days after the war to his arrival in Amazonia. A biography presented with an unusual and special format, mixing written narration – just like in an engrossing novel – and comics’ pages: some will be specially made for this occasion, other will be taken from some of the many Mister No issues that centered around the past and the personal history of the Amazonic pilot. A journey through a myriad memories and emotions, that we have chosen to experience again to celebrate the 40th birthday of the character created by the unforgettable Guido Nolitta, a.k.a. Sergio Bonelli.

Hardbound, in full color and in a large format. “Penned” by two great authors in an unprecedented artistic collaboration, to present a spectacular and not-to-be-missed adventure starring Tex! What are we talking about? The second volume of “Tex Romanzi a fumetti”, created by the novel Mauro Boselli-Mario Alberti duo. "Frontera!" is the title of the story, with a mysterious prisoner languishing in a Mexican jail; an attractive French woman, Blanche Denoel, wants to set him free at all costs, because she needs his help to have her revenge! Alberti’s brushes and colors will be put to the service of an explosive tale, set on the sun-drenched prairies of the South-West, with a mix of fisticuffs, horseriding, shoot-outs and Comanches.

"Never be alone in the dark!": that’s the "motto" Claudio Chiaverotti chose to introduce his new hero on our website. We’d like to keep the character’s look and role shrouded in secrecy, for now, just to increase your curiosity about it. You’ll have to wait for the previews that we’ll show you from now to the moment when the n.1 of the series will be published, next October 20. Currently, we know his name, Morgan Lost, and the fact that he’ll be forced to face cruel enemies, who don disquieting masks and tote razor-sharp weapons. Ruthless creatures of the night, who populate the darkest corners of a big city, spilling blood and spreading terror! As we have said above, we won’t reveal anything more about the leading character on the pages of our Giornale Online, but right now you can already begin to appreciate one of the peculiar trait of the series, a really unique coloring of the pages.

There’s mystery also about the identity of the leading character on the cover the first album of the shocking debut of the third season of Orfani, the Sci-Fi series by Recchioni & Mammucari. But you’ll find many other titles you don’t want to miss, in September and October. Sneaking a look to the “special” issues, September will be the month of Maxi Zagor n.25, Speciale Dylan Dog n.29 (the first issue centered around the Planet of the Dead saga) and the 18th Storie da Altrove, where you’ll find our agents from the secret base working alongside the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud himself!

In October, we’ll find Maxi Tex n.19, Speciale Dampyr n.11, the 35th sci-fi “whale” of Agenzia Alfa, the 25th Maxi Dylan Dog (that has been in the “Old Boy” version for some time now) and the debut of a new miniseries, Hellnoir: written by Pasquale Ruju with art by Giovanni Freghieri, in its four albums the series will introduce Detective Soul, a private eye from a city in between our world and the Otherside, a dark, huge metropolis that accommodates people who died a violent death: there, they’ll begin to live a second time, in a life that’s usually more painful and crueler than the first one!

Have a nice read!