Journal of Sergio Bonelli

November/December 2015

Two horse-riding heroes take centerstage on the next two months: our “evergreen” Ranger, with fall’s Color Tex, and Ian Aranill, ready to introduce the first issue of Dragonero Magazine!


November/December 2015

Dear friends,
while the colors of fall’s foliage take over, our Bonellian special issues continue to proliferate. In November-December, the scene is monopolized by the eighth Color Tex. It’s fall, so it’s time as usual for some new short stories starring Eagle-of-the-Night. Once again, the creators are a bunch of authors that represent the past, present and possibly future of the series. The writers, Mauro Boselli, Pasquale Ruju & Luigi Mignacco, join forces with four extraordinary artists who have worked on Tex’s Western atmosphere for the first time: Giuseppe Franzella (a name very well known by Brendon’s fans), Gigi Simeoni (who also wrote the script for his story and just couldn’t wait to put his hands on the most famous Bonellian hero, after his Romanzi, and adventures for Le Storie, Nathan Never and Dylan Dog), Sergio Tisselli and Luca Vannini (who also created the amazing colors for their own stories). A fresh, intriguing mix that once again will be able to give the readers a rather unusual look on the Ranger himself.

Another real debut, too, is that of Dragonero Magazine: a volume – in full color! – that offers a long, unpublished story starring the Dragon Slayer created by Enoch & Vietti (featuring a group of talented young artists), as well as in-depth articles and files about all the facets of the Fantasy genre. A new regular issue you don’t want to miss, another segment of the increasingly richer and more varied offer of our Magazines.

The next two months will be marked by many other very special issues. A particular attention goes to Hellnoir, the new miniseries by Pasquale Ruju, with the engrossing atmospheres that only Giovanni Freghieri’s brushes are able to create. In its four episodes, Hellnoir let us know a little bit better Detective Soul and his investigation in a world hanging in between two realities: our world and Hell! The first album is already at your newsstands: you’ll be captivated by it!
The adventures of Bonelli’s newcomer, the dark and charming Morgan Lost, continue. As far as we can tell, the character has enthralled the readers’ imagination, and will surprise them, month after month, with new nightmares and the crazier and crazier killers who are threatening New Heliopolis. Speaking of "special issues", it’s time also for the 17th volume of Universo Alfa, with its tales of War of Worlds survivors, and the 26th Speciale Nathan Never, by the re-formed duo Medda/Casini, or the 15th album of the uchronic Lilith.

You’ll find out these and all the other issues of the next two months in the new edition of Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online!
Have a nice read!