The Journal of Sergio Bonelli

November - December 2014

Two months under the sign of our Ranger, the hero of the new Color Tex, in its anthological version!


November - December 2014

Dear friends,

you’re allowed to blame us for our lack of fantasy, if you want to, but there’s a reason if the opening picture of this edition of The Journal of Sergio Bonelli Editore Online is dedicated to Tex once again! Despite his nearly 70 years of life as a comic series, our Ranger is still triumphantly riding towards the newsstands. And, recently, he has shown the ability to present his faithful readers with new formulas. Only three years went by, since the first time you had the chance to hold Color Tex n.1 in your hands; then, exactly one year ago, the series’ issues doubled, with the new Fall album and the debut of the anthological format, composed by several different short stories. The new formula was an instant success: the "Texian" readers loved it, especially those who are interested in getting to know many different faces of Eagle-of-the-Night, interpreted by artists who tackled for the first time the character conceived by Gianluigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini.

So, in November, it will be again time for "Technicolor". Here you have all the authors we chose to create the four stories of Color Tex n.6: Michele Medda and Michele Benevento (Lukas’ “dads”), Moreno Burattini (editor and scriptwriter for Zagor) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (firmly in the orbit of Marvel Comics since a few years), Mauro Boselli and Luca Rossi (a duo the Dampyr readers know well), Roberto Recchioni and Andrea Accardi, who recreate the team that gave us "La redenzione del samurai" and "I fiori del massacro", two popular tales we published in our Le Storie series.

Moving away from Tex, the next two months, November and December, appear to be full of initiatives, as usual. If we divide the forecoming albums roughly, according to their genre, Sci-fi lovers will have their hands full, with the new episodes of Universo Alfa, Lilith, Ringo and Nathan Never, (whose usual Speciale will be also published in December). The flag of Adventure will be kept flying by Zagor, Saguaro and Adam Wild, while the bearers of the Horror’s emblem will be Dylan Dog (whose new cycle starts for real now), Lukas and Dampyr, as well as the December album of Le Storie, dedicated to Zombies! Also, in December, it’s time to say goodbye to a hero that kept us company since 1998: Brendon comes to the end of his long adventure, with an album written by Claudio Chiaverotti and illustrated by the tenebrous Corrado Roi!

You will find, of course, the new episodes of Julia and Dragonero, along with a "mysterious" double-dose, guaranteed by Martin Mystère and Almanacco del Mistero, with the usual wealth of news and in-depth dossiers. We’ll leave you with the pleasure of discovering everything we have in store for you in the next two months by leafing through the pages of our Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online!

Have a good read!