The Journal of Sergio Bonelli

November-December 2013

Two months full of new issues! Above all, the fourth installment of Color Tex, now with a new formula. A new challenge for our Ranger: four full-color short stories!


November-December 2013

Dear friends,

what better way to open the November-December edition of our “Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online” than with a picture of the evergreen Ranger created by Gianluigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini? The portrait you can see above is just a detail of a specially-made cover by Laura Zuccheri: a West made of endless spaces, an arid and treacherous desert, and the silhouette of an unexpected version of Tex. Also unique are the interpretations by the other artists summoned to create the short stories in the fourth Color Tex: Giampiero Casertano, Sandro Scascitelli, Stefano Biglia and Nicola Genzianella. Tex’s world will feature new pencils, alongside well-tested scripts like Tito Faraci, Pasquale Ruju, Gianfranco Manfredi and Mauro Boselli, authors who have been completely at ease since a long time with the boundless landscapes where Eagle-of-the-Night and his pards’ roam free. Other than its first-time formula, this issue is even more special thanks to the colors of the four adventures, by Oscar Celestini and Overdrive Studio. The attentive reader will recognize their name as those of the creators of the innovative nuances and the painstaking effects that marked the Dylan Dog Color Fest series since its début.

Talking about color books, the new episodes of Orfani are carrying on, after the series’ launch, with adventures that keep on developing along a two-way narrative: on the one hand, we follow the education and military training of the young heroes, on the other hand, we follow their fight against the mysterious enemies who attacked our planet. Still in the sci-fi genre, Universo Alfa n.13 will bring the readers back to the dire days of the War of Worlds, whilst the 24th Speciale has Nathan Never tangling with a dangerous series of events, in City East’s infernal underworld.

There’s no dearth of other important publications, such as Dylan Dog Gigante n. 22, Lilith’s 11th adventure, and Almanacco del Mistero 2014, where under a retro-style cover (by Aldo Di Gennaro and Giancarlo Alessandrini), you’ll find a crazed adventure set in the fabulous Thirties, with an unpredictable version of Martin Mystère, as well as our files about George R. R. Martin, the heroes of the Pulp Magazines and the imaginary lands— from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Pelucidar to Stephen King’s Castle Rock.

We’ll leave you with the pleasure of finding out about these and all the other Bonelli publications of these two months, surfing on the pages of our Giornale!

Have a nice read!