Why this website does not have a public e-mail address...

Why this website does not have a public e-mail address...

This is a question asked by many. Here is what Sergio Bonelli answered in a letter of some years ago, that remains actual even nowadays.

Dear friends,
many of you complained because Sergio Bonelli Editore's web site lacks of a public e-mail address, and wonder why we made this choice. I can guarantee you that the decision was particularly painful, and we took it only after a long debate.

Since many, many years my editors and I try to personally answer to every single letter of the many that we receive daily through what nowadays we call "snail mail", the "normal" postal service. Answering, obviously, implies a remarkable amount of our little spare time, but we do it with the same pleasure you can get by talking to a friend.
Our publishing house receives an average of one-hundred letters a day, addressed to all our publications and their editorial staff. As you well know, sending an ordinary letter requires a little amount of efforts: you have to write it, print it (if you wrote using a word processor), put it into an envelope, write the address, buy a stamp, paste it on the envelope which, ultimately, you have to post.  

To send an e-mail, you've just to write it and click ond the "send" key.
Experts tell me that the proportion between e-mail messages and "normal" letters is at least of 3-4 to 1: to put it in simple terms, if you receive a letter written on paper every twentyfour hours you have a good probability to receive at least 3 or 4 e-mail messages in the same amount of time. In our case, then, we'll probably get at least three-hundred messages a day. Here is a simple calculation: to read every message and to conceive an answer that is not a standard one, we'll need at least twenty minutes (minimum, counting that some of you ask very complex questions). The sum comes to six-thousand minutes, more than one-hundred hours a day, which would mean a full-time letter answering job for a dozen different people…
This is the reason why, sadly, we had to give up the idea of having a public e-mail address. How can you contact us, then? Well, you should use the classic method of "paper and ink", which requires the same kind of commitment from the sender and the addressee.
Furthermore, please, do not send personal messages to our back issue service: you'll only obstruct their e-mail box and you won't get any answer, because it is only an administrative structure, completely separated from our editorial office.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Sergio Bonelli