Journal of Sergio Bonelli

May/June 2016

In the May/June issue of our Giornale, Bonelli's first sci-fi series will take the limelight! Everybody is invited to celebrate Nathan Never's 25th birthday in a big way!


May/June 2016

Dear friends,
welcome back to the pages of our Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online. We'd like to open this issue of our bimonthly bulletin with the celebration for an all-important event concerning our beloved Special Agent Alfa: his 25 years of life in comics! It was June 1991 when Nathan Never debuted at your newsstands. After a warm reception and the many publications and spin-off series that have been created around this character, today the hero conceived by Medda, Serra & Vigna is still enjoying an extraordinary vitality. The great number of his adventures we publish every year is a testimony to that, as well as the fresh energy of our new publications centered on Nathan Never's universe. And a new one will indeed debut in May: Nathan's first miniseries in six albums, called "Nathan Never Annozero" – written by Bepi Vigna with art and covers by Roberto De Angelis – will tell the origins of our futuristic hero from an original point of view. It will offer the series' "old" readers a chance to live once again the emotions that made Nathan's first adventure unforgettable; the "new" fans will have the opportunity to get on board and know a character and a world that, we have no doubt about it, will be able to seize their attention.

Annozero will also be available at your comic bookshop, at the same price but with an alternate cover: the art is the same of the newsstands' edition, but it will be printed in elegant shades of grey.

The celebration will go on for the next two months, with Nathan's full-color n.300 (the Variant Edition, with a cover by Enki Bilal and special content, is already available on our website), the 18th Universo Alfa (in full color and centered on the heroes of Generazione Futuro) and the monthly issue n.301: here, you'll find the beginning of a trilogy that will shock and at the same time sort out Nathan Never's universe. This saga will pull together the threads of all the plots and subplots that have been proliferating on the last 25 years of adventures!

The upcoming summer will also see a multiplication of our special issues: Dylan Dog (Color Fest n.17, Maxi n.27); Zagor (the 27th Maxi); a very special Avventura Magazine – a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the unforgettable Comandante Mark, with two classic stories in full-color and a series of dossiers about EsseGesse –; Nathan Never, again (with the 37th volume of Agenzia Alfa); and, above all, Eagle-of-the-Night, who will star in a not-to-be-missed “Texone”, written by Tito Faraci for the spectacular pages of a big name in the comic world: Enrique Breccia!

Everything is set for a comic-book feast! And you can find out all about our May/June publications in the new edition of Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online!

Have a nice read!