Journal of Sergio Bonelli

March/april 2016

In March and April, you will have the chance to find several new issues. In the limelight we find the debut of the new miniseries, born out of Corrado Roi & Paola Barbato's imagination, and the first miniseries to be published at newsstands and in comic book stores at the same time.


Marzo/aprile 2016

Dear friends,
we already gave the announcement on an official page on Facebook: and, thanks to the mystery about it, the page has gathered the curiosity and questions of comic book lovers since its first few days of life. Now, a very short time separates us from savoring the first episode of UT, the momentous miniseries by Corrado Roi & Paola Barbato. This creative duo, especially popular with Dylan Dog's fans, bode well for those who love pages full of disquieting and evocative, enigmatic and unusual atmospheres.

Starting from March 25, at your newsstands, the first of the series' six albums will take us to a world where humankind has disappeared. What's left of the planet is inhabited by new species that, while being similar to humans, are ruled just by their primordial urges. UT is a primitive creature, fierce and childish at the same time, who's been entrusted by Decio, the entomologist, to keep guard to an ancient tomb. That where, one day, a creature different from everybody else emerges from. His name is Iranon, and has no memories about himself. But when he appears, the balance is broken: some fear him, others have a desire for him, and others want to use him for their own shady purposes. UT will reluctantly go with him, until a strange bond will form between the two of them.

Yet other "firsts" are linked to this debut: from March 28 – lo and behold! – UT will also be available at your comic book stores, in a Variant edition, with a 16-page in-depth look at the series and an exclusive cover by Nicola Mari! Please, save the date!

In the new edition of our Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online, you'll also find pages and pictures from the next "extraordinary" albums: Maxi Nathan Never n.12, the 28th Speciale Zagor and the second Dylan Dog Magazine. In the 2016 edition of the magazine that will be your guide inside the mazes of fear, you'll be able to read two unpublished complete stories featuring the Nightmare Investigator, with dossiers about the Freaks' visionary beauty, according to director Guillermo del Toro, the cases when Hell can be found in a family's home, and the zombi invasion on the TV screen.

Have a nice read!