Journal of Sergio Bonelli

March – April 2015

Another bimester full of surprises, starting with the double debut of our new Magazine format and of the "mini-miniseries", due at your newsstand in March!


March – April 2015

Dear Friends,
in these two months, you will find the many new issues our Publishing house promised you on last Fall, taking shape at your newsstands. After the exciting Texian volume by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, that came out in February, March will be the month of an important double debut. The first is the arriving of our Magazines, that will take the place of the historical Almanacchi. The first to be launched is Dylan Dog Magazine, the new annual publication of the Nightmare Investigator! In its 176 pages, with a completely renovated visual look and a splendid cover by Bruno Brindisi, you’ll find everything (and we mean just everything!) about 2015 in horror: on the silver screen, in comics and fiction, on TV, at the theater and in games! Many full-color features, with the “horror files” about the small towns where horror abides, the dawn of the Gothic genre and the way to survive if you find yourself trapped inside a "Slasher Movie"! Also with two complete and unpublished-before Dylan’s adventures, one of the particularly tinged in red! And Dylan Dog’s Magazine will be followed by all the other, that we unfailingly will introduce to you.

The second debut is our mini-miniseries (allow us to use this label, please). This new format for our Publishing house will present monthly adventure that will leave our readers with bated breath, divided in three-four episodes full of adrenaline, in a string of different genres. You’ll be able to read the first one from March, 27, when you will find at your newsstands Coney Island N.1, a graphic novel in three instalments, written by Gianfranco Manfredi, and with art by Giuseppe Barbati and Bruno Ramella. The story created by the author of Magico Vento, Volto Nascosto and our recent Adam Wild, will take you to the 1920s New York City—here we’ll find Detective Jack Sloane, a tough guy that’s fighting a no-holds-barred battle against crime. Jack’s investigations and his love for the attractive Brenda will take him to Coney Island’s amusement park: a fun place, and a walkway where thousands of visitors tread looking for an ephemeral happiness. A theater for the stories of common people and extraordinary characters alike, a setting where a dense and dramatic tale, with paranormal implications, takes place.

Our next miniseries will take you to the exotic scenery of New Guinea, the terrifying streets of a city in between reality and an infernal dimension, the dusty roads of the 1800 Wild West, the Prohibition-era American cities, and Cuba before the revolution, but also inside the fantastic and dark worlds of the “steampunk” sci-fi. But we will talk at length about all this, later.

Before leaving you, as usual, to leaf through the pages of our Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online, to find out about all the issues of the next two months, we suggest you not to miss the final chapter of Saguaro’s adventures, as well as the explosive debut of Lukas' second season (Lukas Reborn), the stories of the Special Agent Alfa told in the pages of the second Le Grandi Storie di Nathan Never and in the 11th Maxi, Speciale Zagor n.27 and the dazzling full-color pages of the 14th Dylan Dog Color Fest!
Have a good read!