Journal of Sergio Bonelli

SBE jan/feb 2016

January/February 2016

As the new year begins, the flags of two icons of Italian comics are flying high, here at Bonelli's: Tex and Dylan Dog will be the heroes of new, long-awaited titles!

Dear friends,

some may take it for granted, we know, but 2016 begins again under the sign of two of the brightest stars in the Bonellian galaxy. In the first two months of the new year, several new publications featuring our Ranger and the Nightmare Investigator will be readily available at your newsstands. Tex will be the star of two very special issues: in late January, you'll be witness to the debut of Tex Magazine, a new once-a-year album that inherits the mantle of our classic, all-important Almanacco del West. The Magazine dons a new look, with an engagingly fresh format for the dossiers, news and in-depth features that can be found in its 176 pages. The full-color columns will share the limelight with two complete stories you don't want to miss! Created by the realiable pens of Pasquale Ruju and Mauro Boselli, the stories will feature art by two real talents, at their debut on the pages of Eagle-of-the-Night: Emanuele Barison and Alessandro Bocci. The latter had the task of working on an adventure starring a young Carson, in his full prime and far different from the grizzled veteran we are used to.

In February, Boselli, with the help of some spectacular pages and evocative colors by Angelo Stano, will take us to the "Painted Desert", for the third volume of our Tex - Romanzi a Fumetti series. In a large-format, hardcover volume and in "Technicolor", the story takes place in the enthralling Painted Desert of Arizona and among the spine-chilling shadows of a mysterious pueblo, Sombra Verde, where the Navajo chief and his Native pard', Tiger Jack will live their adventure.

Moving on to the dweller of 7, Craven Road, Dylan will be the star of our 16th Dylan Dog Color Fest, that will unveil its new format in February: 96 pages full of comics, with a cut price and a new quarterly issue. Once in three months, the Color Fest will offer the readers a rotation of anthological issues, with three short stories; albums with two stories of differing lengths; or one complete adventure. This new look is just one of the ideas we came up with for 2016, the year of the 30th "birthday" in publishing for the character created by Tiziano Sclavi!

Other special issues you don't want to miss? With its fourth album, the unnervingly tense miniseries, Hellnoir, will end, while in January and February you'll be presented with the two final chapters of Lukas, the Reawakened second and concluding series: in both cases, be prepared for an explosive finale!

For those who love our "whale" issues, January will be the time for the 26th Maxi Zagor (with a long story centered around the bloody vendetta of two cattle-breeding families) and Maxi Dylan Dog n.26, this time in the praised "Old Boy" version. We'll end our overview with a hint of sci-fi: another large volume of Agenzia Alfa, preceded by a new adventure beyond the boundaries of time and space, with Asteroide Argo!

As usual, a quite rich menu: please, find out more about all of our "dishes" of 2016's first two months, leafing through the new edition of Giornale di Sergio Bonelli Editore Online!

Have a nice read