The Journal of Sergio Bonelli

January-February 2014

It’s the beginning of a new year at Bonelli’s: in January-February 2014 there will be many new issues, with the unmistakable profile of Tex at the forefront, as the hero of Almanacco del West and other books!


January-February 2014

Dear friends,

the dawn of this new year at Bonelli’s brings us many special publications, that you’ll be able to learn about by leafing through the pages of our Giornale Online. To open this overview of our January and February issues, who else than our Ranger, the evergreen emblem of the Wild West comics genre. Claudio Villa’s illustration you can see here above is taken from the cover of Almanacco del West 2014, a book you’ll find at your newsstands in January, crammed with special files about the Frontier narratives in all of his variations and about its heroes. Among the dossiers, we’d like to point out the story about the unforgettable Giuliano Gemma, who was the face of Tex on the silver screen. The comic adventure in this year Almanacco will feature a twosome of truly special authors, Tito Faraci and Cuban artist Orestes Suarez, who tackle the world of Eagle of the Night again, after the memorable Texone n.24.

Still in Tex’s realm, on our monthly issue you’ll find the continuation of the clash between the pards’ and the men of the dangerous El Supremo, while in February it’s time for the 19th Tex Speciale, "Il prezzo della vendetta", with art by Carlo Ambrosini, revived in the Tex Stella d'Oro series.

Among the “special” issues you’ll also find Maxi Zagor n.21 – where the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet is plunged once again in the dangerous "Land-with-no-coming-back" – Maxi Dylan Dog n.20 (entirely illustrade by Ugolino Cossu); also, the fans of the Nathan Neverian take on science fiction will witness the arrival of the seventh Asteroide Argo and the 30th Agenzia Alfa “whale”.

Talking about our more recent monthly series, the Dragonero and Orfani sagas go on, as well as Saguaro’s adventure and the always surprising and riveting tales of Le Storie. To find a preview of these and all the other publications of the next two months, you’ll just have to navigate through the pages of the new edition of our Online Journal!


Have a nice read!