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How to get our comic books

How to get our comic books

From the newsstand to the back issue service, passing through the international distribution and comic book shops, up to the Apple Store!

What is the lifecycle of a Sergio Bonelli Editore comic book? After the long months of preparation, starting with the plot and the script of the story that will be contained in the book, other activities follow, like the creation of the drawn pages, their lettering and  the editorial reviews, the creation of the cover, the presentations and the columns, a new issue of one of our series finally goes to print. Once knit together, it then ends in the hands of the ditributor (Press-Di Distribuzione Stampa e Multimedia) that takes it into all of the italian newstands. One small percentage of the printed copies is given to AIE (Agenzia Italiana di Esportazione) who organizes the distribution abroad, especially in countries that are geographically near Italy but also in places that are farther away, even overseas.

If the book in object is monthly or bi-monthly, it'll be kept on display at the newstand until the new issue is distributed (i.e. one or two months respectively). If it is a quarterly, bi-annual or yearly publication, newstands will display it for the two months following its distribution.

And after that? What happens to our books once they have exhausted their exposure time in all of Italy's newstands? And how can a bonellian reader get hold of an issue he missed?

First off, trying to ask for it directly to the reference newsstand, who will put in a request to the distributor, relying on the back issue service of Press-Di.

Or ordering it to our Back Issue service, via a money transfer to postal account number 39855200, in the name of Sergio Bonelli Editore, via Buonarroti 38, 20145 Milano. Costs change in relation to the cover price of the needed book, and postage has to be added as follows: 2,60 Euros for single book shipment, via posta prioritaria, and 8,00 euros if the order conists of two or more books. These costs change if delivery is to any place outside of Italy. If this is the case, contact our Back Issue department (telephone: 02/96480403, email:, or place the order thru our online back issue service on our website.

Ordering via allows immediate check of books availability, the possibility to place them in a virtual basket, and, once registered (creating your personal user name and password), to choose a payment method between postal account, bank account, credit card (via Key Client, which accepts almost every kind of credit card) or PayPal.

Six months after the newstand distribution, our books become available also thru specialty comic bookshops, a service managed by PAN. Sifting thru the pages of the Anteprima magazine, it is possible to see the covers, read plot synopses and authors of the stories that are once more made available when entering this distributor's "catalog". You just need to ask to your favourite comic book store to order the issues you need and you will receive them directly at the shop, together with all your other comic books, without additional postage expenses.

If an issue is no longer available via any of the above means, the only remaining option is that of comic book fairs and second hand market.

Recently, another option has been added for some of Martin Mystère issues, for Romanzo a Fumetti di Dragonero and for the zero issues of Dragonero and Orfani, being recovered in digital format (for iPad, iPhone e iPod Touch), directly on Apple's iBooks Store.