Il segreto degli Eloym - Nathan Never Missione Giove 03

Series: Nathan Never Missione Giove

N°: 3

Frequency: monthly

Il segreto degli Eloym

Introduction: Mysterious events from a long-gone past entangle with the most challenging mission Nathan Never has ever had to face!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977112365404310043

Release: 24/07/2021

Price: 4,40





What’s the connection between a purported ufo-crash, which happened in 1947 of the old calendar, and a piece of footage kept secret for years? In what shady negotiation is Mister Alfa involved? The trip to Jupiter’s orbit will allow our Special Agent Alfa to unveil old secrets about the origin of the Earth civilization itself...

Thursday 1 August 1991

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Thursday 26 July 2018