Joseph & Mary - Speciale Nathan Never 29 cover

Series: Speciale Nathan Never

N°: 29

Frequency: monthly

Joseph & Mary

Introduction: Dangerous hitmen are on the tracks of two seemingly harmless kids. What mystery are they hiding? Only Nathan Never can find out.

Barcode: 977112366004480029

Release: 15/12/2018

Price: 7,40





Her name is Mary. She is a single girl who’s out to be a mother soon, and for a Kafkaesque digital mistake is deprived of her identity. His name is Joe: a petty thief who just can’t stay away from trouble. Feeling a tenderness for Mary, he offers her a helping hand. They do not know that two hitmen are on Mary’s tracks. Nathan Never & Legs will have to find out who hired the killers. And, more importantly, why...