ESP Files - I figli dell'Eden - Universo Alfa 22 cover

Series: Universo Alfa

N°: 22

Frequency: half-yearly

ESP Files - I figli dell'Eden

Introduction: Deep Eden is not the orbiting paradise presented by the ads – and Herbert Loomis and Marla Reyes will have to find out the reason why!

Barcode: 977197325404280022

Release: 17/05/2018

Price: 7,90





The ESPer, Herbert Loomis, and the young and attractive detective, Marla Reyes, are still investigating on board of the orbiting station Deep Eden, a paradise for the Earth’s well-heeled set. In spite of the motto that defines it as a "crime-free area", horrible crimes do happen on Deep Eden. They may stem from a terrifying plan that, once enacted, could change the fate of the world forever!