Maxi Nathan Never 14 cover

Series: Maxi Nathan Never

N°: 14

Frequency: half-yearly

Maxi Nathan Never 14

Introduction: In between sands and oceans, two Nathan Never adventures where things aren't always what they look like!

Barcode: 977182645504670014

Release: 17/10/2017

Price: 8,90





Death Rally
Plot and script: Giovanni Eccher
Art: Gino Vercelli

Against his will, Nathan accepts to be the bodyguard of a spoilt rich kid... And it's not a baby-sitting job, exactly, since the brat will take part in one of the most dangerous car races in the world! And the other pilots aren't the sole threat he needs to watch out for...

Il terrore dei mari
Plot and script: Giovanni Eccher
Art: Rob Dakar Meli

Nathan Never meets again the mutated wrestlers, Blue Fever and Wolfman, who opened an investigation agency. For their next mission, they will need to retrieve a mysterious prototype that has fallen in the hands of a gang of real pirates. It's a shame that the corporation that has entrusted them with this investigation isn't exactly a paragon of virtue...