Senza tregua - Nathan Never Rinascita 02 cover

Series: Nathan Never Rinascita

N°: 2

Frequency: monthly

Senza tregua

Introduction: Nathan Never goes on the tracks of Ned Mace, hoping to find his daughter Ann still alive!

Barcode: 977112365404370026

Release: 23/06/2017

Price: 4,40






After he has met with a mysterious visitor, Nathan Never leaves the Shaolin monastery in Tersicore and begins his hunt for Ned Mace, hoping to find his daughter, Ann, still alive! Meanwhile, a heated discussion is under way in the higher echelons of political power: should they form the police corps of the Proconsuls or liberalize private security agencies, like the one that Edward Reiser is creating?

Monday 1 July 1991

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