Agenzia Alfa n.39 cover

Series: Agenzia Alfa

N°: 39

Frequency: four-monthly

Agenzia Alfa n.39

Introduction: From the heart of East City to deep space: four adrenaline-filled adventure for our Special Agent Alfa!

Barcode: 977112556004570039

Release: 24/06/2017





On the road
Plot and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Elisabetta Barletta

An airplane accident causes a terrible traffic jam on the highway. But, like everything that happens to Nathan Never and his misadventure companions, it may not be a coincidence...

La prima avventura di Betty
Plot and script: Lucio Sammartino
Artwork: Italo Mattone

Betty Hayworth's first adventure and how she and Nathan Never met.

Il rapimento
Plot and script: Lucio Sammartino
Artwork: Davide Perconte

An engineer in a cybernetics company reports the disappearance of his family to Agenzia Alfa. The investigation will take Nathan, Legs & Sigmund face to face with an unexpected reality...

Un mondo migliore
Plot and script: Piero Fissore
Artwork: Alessia Martusciello, Alberto Pizzetti

An escort mission in space will force Nathan Never and Branko to make difficult choices.