Le Cronache di Marte - La caduta di Cydonia - Universo Alfa 19 cover

Series: Universo Alfa

N°: 19

Frequency: half-yearly

Le Cronache di Marte - La caduta di Cydonia

Introduction: The Pretorians have made their choice: there's no room whatsoever for humans, on Mars!

Barcode: 977197325400460019

Release: 16/11/2016

Price: 7,90





Mars: the Pretorian Brotherhood has started an extermination plan, that will cause the complete wipeout of the human community on their planet. But the “Alfa group” rebels, with the help of strange creatures that can travel through the folds of time, are preparing a rebellion. Meanwhile, in Cydonia, Dagan the gladiator is looking for a clue in order to find his biological mother, who had been deported to the penal settlement right after his birth. But the Pretorians fear that the fighter can turn into a dangerous icon for the rebels, and set off to annihilate him!