Professione: avventura! - Mister No Le nuove avventure 14 cover

Series: Mister No - Le nuove avventure

N°: 14

Frequency: monthly

Professione: avventura!

Introduction: What do the cruel sacrifices made by the followers of a mysterious deity conceal?

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 96

Barcode: 977261254404300014

Release: 04/08/2020

Price: 4,40





L'ultimo inganno
Plot and script: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Roberto Diso

Plot and script: Michele Masiero
Artwork: Massimo Cipriani

Is Calçoene really a Stonehenge in the Amazon forest? And who are the members of the secret society that sacrifice to a mysterious god? Jerry Drake & Patricia Rowland try to shed light upon the events, but something else might be concealed behind the criminal machinations of a group of fanatics...