L'uomo orizzontale - Mercurio Loi 10 cover

Series: Mercurio Loi

N°: 10

Frequency: bimonthly

L'uomo orizzontale

Introduction: Even the most innocuous actions have consequences, and Mercurio Loi will have to face it!

Barcode: 977253232204280010

Release: 22/03/2018

Price: 4,90

Plot: Alessandro Bilotta

Script: Alessandro Bilotta

Artwork: Francesco Cattani

Colors: Andrea Meloni

Cover: Manuele Fior

An unusual terrorist group tries to start a revolution without arms, using just their inertia and motionlessness. While they look harmless, the consequences of their actions become visible very soon. Ottone seems to be the only one to care, as Mercurio Loi has no desire of leaving his comfortable sofa.