La Stirpe di Elän 3

Series: Maxi Martin Mystère

N°: 16

Frequency: bimonthly

La Stirpe di Elän 3

Introduction: Elän is on the verge of a war that will be fought with every possible weapon, every terrible magical creature, and every spell: and its aftereffects will reverberate on our Earth, too...

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 256

Barcode: 977182645404910016

Release: 27/07/2021

Price: 8,90





La caduta di Astartis – parte seconda
Plot and script: Federico Memola
Artwork: Rossano Rossi

Il picco della morte
Plot and script: Federico Memola
Artwork: Sergio Giardo

Prigionieri delle tenebre
Plot and script: Federico Memola
Artwork: Antonio Amodio, Gino Vercelli

After they arrived in the neutral city of Astartis, Elphin Magee and Brent Malone find themselves side by side with the Ardellians, led by Captain Grayne Hornblower, and meet the tortured Selene Keidam, captain of the Consular Guards. They delude themselves they are safe inside the walls of the fortified city, unaware that the Tarkassian Empire, under the strategic leadership of the cruel Chancellor Dagon, is carrying out its plan to conquer the entire continent!