La vita è meravigliosa? - Speciale Martin Mystère 37 cover

Series: Speciale Martin Mystère

N°: 37

Frequency: annual

La vita è meravigliosa?

Introduction: From Detective of the Impossible to actor in 1930s Broadway. And in the flipbook, the spiritual tales of a great Renaissance painter!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 164

Barcode: 977112365804100037

Release: 23/07/2020

Price: 7,90





La vita è meravigliosa?
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini, Fabio Grimaldi

Giuseppe, a second-rate angel, is given the task to rescue Martin after an adventure in Shangri-La: the Almighty promises that he’ll be promoted if he will be able to keep the Detective of the Impossible out of trouble. So, Giuseppe decides to change Martin’s life into that of a Broadway actor...

Lo spirito di Raffaello
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Alfredo Orlandi

After Raphael’s demise, 500 years ago, a crack opened in the roof of the Vatican Loggias, just like the vault of the Jerusalem Temple broke after the death of Jesus Christ...

Nostra Terra dei misteri
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini

First published in the first "Almanacco del Mistero", dated back in 1988, a story in which Martin and many other inhabitants of our planet become aware of a sudden cry for help, of unknown origin...