Come Kaspar Hauser - Martin Mystère 368 cover

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 368

Frequency: bimonthly

Come Kaspar Hauser

Introduction: Can the Detective of the Impossible solve what turns out to be an enigma with ominous tones?

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 160

Barcode: 977112157904100368

Release: 10/04/2020

Price: 6,30





1828: in a square in Nuremberg, Germany, a befuddled, scared boy appears. He can say only a few words, including what seems to be his name: Kaspar Hauser. After having learned to read and write with great difficulty, he tells his incredible story: somebody kept him segregated in a dark room for 12 years, without any contact with the world outside. 2020: Who is the man who “appeared out of thin air” and seems to have had the same experience as Kaspar Hauser? Is there a connection between the two individuals?