Il naufrago del tempo - Martin Mystère Le Nuove Avventure a Colori Seconda Serie 04 cover

Series: Martin Mystère Le Nuove Avventure a Colori Seconda Serie

N°: 4

Frequency: monthly

Il naufrago del tempo

Introduction: A hidden truth may conceal the secret of eternal life…

Size: 17x23 cm, colors

Pages: 64

Barcode: 977203643904800029

Release: 11/01/2020

Price: 4,90

Plot: Alfredo Castelli

Script: The "Mysteriani"

Artwork: Vito Rallo

Colors: Daniele Rudoni and Alessandro Musumeci

Cover: Lucio Filippucci

An old legend tells the story of a Native American, who’d have ended up shipwrecked on the Portuguese shores, thus becoming the first man to discover Europe. The tale is at the center of a new, incredible investigation by our Detective of the Impossible and his friend and adventure mate, Java. Hired by an old millionaire, Mr. Henry De León, our heroes accept to try and find the truth about the legendary tale, with the sole purpose of finding out about the prior investigator who attempted to solve the mysterious enigma: the daring Blogger of the Impossible, Valentina Ventura…