I tre uomini che ridestarono Cthulhu - Storie da Altrove 21 cover

Series: Storie da Altrove

N°: 21

Frequency: annual

I tre uomini che ridestarono Cthulhu

Introduction: On a trip on the River Thames, three men in a boat have an unpleasant encounter. Who will help them?

Barcode: 977182645604380021

Release: 26/09/2018

Price: 7,40





London, 1889. The humorous writer, Jerome K. Jerome publishes “Three men in a boat”, a serialized book about the tragicomic boating holiday on the Thames of the author and his friends. The novel is a huge immediate success, but there’s a chapter that Jerome prudently eliminates. It tells the story of a strange encounter. That’s the beginning of an adventure that takes the three friends in a nightmarish world. Unexpectedly, they are rescued by an agent from “Elsewhere”, the secret base devoted to studying impossible phenomena. His name is Carnacki, also known as “the Ghost Hunter”.