Le strani morti del signor Max - Martin Mystère bimestrale 355 cover

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 355

Frequency: bimonthly

Le strane morti del signor Max

Introduction: There will always be a future for Mr. Max, even when he'll die. Martin Mystère needs to find out how that can be!

Barcode: 977112157904180355

Release: 10/02/2018

Price: 6,30





Mr. Max looks just like an ordinary person, a man like so many others, but he has a huge problem. He dies. Constantly. And each time he wakes up in disbelief, only to die again, moments later. He can’t do anything to prevent that. That’s why he goes to the Detective of the Impossible, who will soon find out that his client is not lying. While he’s trying to learn something more about that strange case, Martin Mystère finds himself involved in a ruthless chase... and he became a prey, in it. His fate will be shared by a friend who resurfaced from the past, Mara Marata, who has many valid reasons to fight alongside Martin.