La pietra filosofale - Martin Mystère Le Nuove Avventure a Colori 11 cover

Series: Martin Mystère Le Nuove Avventure a Colori

N°: 11

Frequency: monthly

La pietra filosofale

Introduction: In Italy, Martin & Orloff go around a ghost-like Venice, while the world is shaken by a strange wave of fear...

Barcode: 9788869611667

Release: 06/09/2017

Price: 4,90






While fear spreads around the world like a disease, causing people to become increasingly more violent and evil, Martin and Orloff go to Venice, Italy, to find a powerful artifact hidden inside a cursed mansion. It is said that anyone who goes in there will be killed. But Venice looks like a ghost town: the only citizens are some unnerving character disguised as plague doctors, who are detaining and questioning the population...