Le molte vite di Martin Mystère - Speciale Martin Mystère 34 cover

Series: Speciale Martin Mystère

N°: 34

Frequency: annual

Le molte vite di Martin Mystère

Introduction: Making a decision, even a small one, can have huge repercussions on our life...

Barcode: 977112365804170034

Release: 20/07/2017





Is the life we have lived until now the only conceivable life? What if Martin Mystère's life had taken a different path? What if the course of fate had led him in another direction?

Three surprising "alternative" tales, three "what if" stories about three decisive "turning points" in the life of our Detective of the Impossibile, as a celebration for GOUM 35th anniversary.

If you flip the album, our usual "Martin Mystére presenta" will offer you "Storie di prima dell'Euro", four classic short stories for the 15th birthday of the European currency.