Ore 3.12 AM: l'adunata - Martin Mystère bimestrale 351 cover

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 351

Frequency: bimonthly

Ore 3.12 AM: l'adunata

Introduction: A wake of unspeakable horrors takes Martin Mystère from the heart of New Mexico to deep space!

Barcode: 977112157904170351

Release: 09/06/2017

Price: 6,30





Tobias Chapman, a retired man, lives a peaceful and quiet life. One night, at 3:12 a.m., he suddenly wakes and begins speaking the Russian and Kazakh languages; then, an unbearable urge forces him to leave for a town in New Mexico. Just like Tobias, many people fall victim of the same mysterious event and leave for the same place. There, they will meet a violent and inexplicable death. Martin Mystère begins an investigation that will take him from New Mexico to outer space, and finally to a remote village of Eastern Kazakhstan, where he will find unspeakable horrors.